Twitter is undoubtedly the universally recognised platform for discussing just about anything and everything, so it makes perfect sense to plan your campaign strategy around one of Twitter’s most buzz-worthy topics – events. It may seem wise to plan a campaign around typically well-known events such as Thanksgiving or July 4th, but what about other events that also generate a lot of conversational traffic, such as the VMAs, Wimbledon, or even National Dog Day?

Here at DISCO, we put together a rundown of 2019’s most anticipated events that were sure to shake up the landscape of Twitter – from the obvious to the niche – as well as the number of Tweet impressions they were expected to reach. Also, some advice; keep a calendar like this at your desk throughout the year to inspire impactful campaigns around highly popular events and conversations, and you will inevitably strike gold.

Plan ahead with a yearly rolling calendar

DISCO’s crack team of content strategists pinpointed the major happenings, and throughout the year our prompt our subscribers with major content campaigns from publishers across the world who cover a variety of local, national, regional, and global events that may just fly under the radar. 

This information is key to a newspaper, magazine, TV station or any channel devising a strategy which allows time to create new content. However it also allows the canny marketer or editor to also stay ahead and start acquiring licensed content that would be a valuable and useful part of a content campaign. 

DISCO Content Marketplace hosts hundreds of thousands of digital content items relating to future events in a variety of formats, spread across diverse categories and verticals from our catalogue of licensors including art, design and fashion events, sports timetables, political schedules, financial and economic announcements, local and international trade and consumer conferences, award ceremonies from the Academy Awards to Nobel Prize ceremony, holidays and so much more.

Sign up, complete a quick registration form and you’ll receive alerts that are highly relevant to your publishing needs. 

Twitter marketing calendar

The good people at Twitter are also providing a marketing calendar with internal Tweet data to identify the most-anticipated events that will unfold on Twitter along with the number of Tweet impressions they’re expected to reach. Using this data alongside DISCO Content Marketplace’s editorial events calendar should provide a good basis on what content a channel should be looking to cover to maximise potential and get those all-important eyeballs on a product. 

Utilising your budget

What’s more, DISCO’s flexible buying options give users the chance to start acquiring content long before your finalised events budgets are in place. If budgets are already approved, even better, as users can start acquiring a license for content they absolutely want to use from reputable publishers available on the platform and secure exclusivity rights.. 

The flexible buying model also provides a discounted content package option which helps in securing large quantities of relevant content from multiple publishers across campaigns. For example, a publisher planning an annual sporting calendar can chose a source available on DISCO Content Marketplace which matches their style and start curating content (in various content formats) across multiple sporting events for the year ahead. 

Sample Events Calendar

January: Super Bowl
February: Arab Fashion Week
March: Boston and London Marathon
April: Cannes Film Festival
May: Billboard Music Awards
June: Glastonbury
July: Tokyo Olympic Games
August: Eid Al Adha
September: London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week
October: World Expo
November: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
December: Sundance Film Festival

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