Advanced Content API

Seamless CMS & Platform Integrations

Our advanced Content API allows users to harness the content, the power and full functionality of DISCO from right within their own CMS, app, website or platform, with absolute ease.

To read our full API Documentation, please click here. 

What We Offer

Quick setup

Using a personalised API Key, our users can quickly get set up using our Content API documentation. 

Always-on support

Our experienced Content Operations team are always on hand to assist with Content API setup and maintenance. 

Seamless delivery

DISCO’s Content API offers a seamless delivery of content from our platform to yours. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Any publisher, brand, or agency r wishing to use the DISCO Content Marketplace platform from directly within their systems or CMS can use our Content API to facilitate this process.

We provide always-on support to users wishing to set up the Content API, and provide full documentation to facilitate the process.

Streamline the editorial process by searching for, acquiring and publishing content from right within your own CMS. You get all of DISCO’s incredible features in your own platform, eliminating the need to cross between programs, tabs or platforms.