Media Monitoring & News Research

Get Comprehensive Real Time Results And Insights

The DISCO platform offers an advanced and in-depth solution to corporate, government, academic and Media Monitoring Organisations (MMO) clients looking to dive deep into both historical and current news, research, analysis, data and more. 
Users can perform complex searches across 198,000+ sources from every corner of the globe with world-class search technology, advanced tools to streamline the process, and customised delivery methods. 
DISCO is an essential tool for those looking to gain comprehensive insights into past and present global media trends, for both corporate and academic research purposes.

A Platform For

Corporate Entities

Government Agencies

Media Monitoring Organisations

Library & Academic Clients

Access Realtime News & Deep Archives

With DISCO, users can access both realtime and archive content from over 198,000+ publications, including content that is not freely available online. The platform is therefore an ideal tool for performing media checks for AML and KYC requirements, or researching the impact of historical negative news stories.

Through DISCO, we can also offer realtime adverse media screening using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Key Features

Uncover opportunities, gather market intelligence, generate deeper insights, monitor competitors and provide strategic guidance with DISCO’s unmatched global news and data archive. 

DISCO users have access to multiple features, tools and search technologies to assist with media monitoring, research and internal news gathering, such as:

Intelligent Indexing

DISCO has been developed to allow for filtering of content by format, language, date ranges, locations, topics, industries etc., to ensure users get relevant content, quickly.

Free-Text Search

DISCO’s advanced free-text search system supports Boolean Operators which enhance the relevance of search results, yielding more precise searches, and saving time and effort.

Content Alerts

Users can create Alerts against any search or Saved Search to push relevant articles and other content directly to the user’s Inbox at a frequency which best suits them.

Multi-Lingual Content

DISCO houses content from across the globe and in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Turkish, Chinese, and many more.

Deep Content Archives

Users can take advantage of deep, historical content archives housed within the DISCO platform to track trends over time, analyse past news reporting, or for general research purposes. 

All Content

Read, study and monitor content which is normally hidden behind paywalls, in print only, or otherwise not freely available online.

Streamlined Content Delivery

DISCO Content Discovery Platform

With advanced search and content curation tools, the DISCO platform is an ideal solution for those wishing to gain access to vast amounts of highly-relevant information all in one place.

Key benefits include the ability to save frequent searches to yield relevant results in an instant, and set alerts to be notified when new content is published related to custom filters.

Advanced Content API

Through DISCO’s Content API, users can retrieve predefined search results with delivery via a JSON feed format. This option is ideal for those who wish to access or integrate the content on their own services, databases, apps, etc.

More information on DISCO’s Content API can be found here. 

Custom Feeds

DISCO is set up to accommodate users with multiple feed type to best suit their content delivery requirements. We deliver the content of interest in NewsML format via FTP (push or pull options are available), or via a feed format, including RSS, mRSS, JSON and ATOM.