DISCO Content Marketplace

What's inside the platform?

Free & Premium Content

DISCO is packed full of free and premium content across dozens of formats and languages.

Advanced Search Filters

Easily search for and acquire the content you need with DISCO’s innovative search technology.

Professional Editorial Tools

Streamline the editorial process with key features such as Saved Searches, Content Collections, Content Alerts and global trend monitoring. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Access to DISCO is completely free! Sign up and you’ll get access to tonnes of free content for immediate use.

For users wishing to use content from premium publishers within DISCO, we offer Pay-Per-Use, Monthly Subscription, Discounted Content Package and Bundled Content Package buying models.

Yes, absolutely! Content owners can sell or freely distribute their content through DISCO. To ensure quality, we vet every content owner before making their content available in DISCO.

Yes indeed. Please contact us for more information about setting up a custom CMS integration to best suit your needs.

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A revolutionary platform

DISCO is an innovative and revolutionary digital content marketplace, where buyers can access, search for and acquire an instant license, to use, or republish premium content, all fully rights-cleared.

DISCO combines proprietary technology and world-class journalism. Our services are essential to publishers, broadcasters and brands who are hungry for trustworthy, multi-lingual content, that generates audiences and drives revenue.

It’s easy to access and download content on DISCO. Once you sign into your account and find the content of interest, pay-per-use pricing, rights and download options are available right there next to the content. With one or two clicks, you can have your content and be on your way, no time wasted.

Or, for high volume, daily use of certain content sources (e.g. newswires, daily video news etc.), these services can be subscribed to as a monthly subscription (vs. the legacy annual license fee commanded by global news agencies). DISCO users can access multiple subscriptions, multiple feeds, from multiple suppliers, all within a single platform.

Then, tap into DISCO’s team of experienced content analysts, who will help you identify the topics, authors, formats and channels your audience cares about most. Attract a larger, more engaged following by using this information to publish more of what works and less of what doesn’t.


DISCO Features Highlighted:

  • 4,000+ premium licensed content sources to choose from
  • Huge array of content formats 
  • Diverse array of topics to choose from for both B2C and B2B audiences
  • Premium content from multiple languages 
  • Features to streamline editorial processes including unlimited ‘Saved Searches’; new content ‘Alerts’ delivered directly to your inbox; plus a ‘Collections’ feature
  • Direct integrations with Google, Twitter and YouTube, to see trending topics in any market, plus recommended related content for use
  • Multiple buying models including Pay-Per-Use (PPU), Monthly Subscriptions, Discounted Content Packages, or Bundled Content Packages
  • Multiple license options to suit the intended usage of the content
  • No offline paperwork or license agreements – instant access to the content you need
  • Post-pay account, or option to pay via PayPal, credit card etc.
  • Set monthly limits to control and cap spending
  • The platform supports an unlimited number of concurrent users (within your company) at any time
  • Always-on access to professional content curators for ongoing assistance recommending suitable content sources to be enabled for use
  • Always-on access to content analysts to optimise content usage by identifying the topics, authors, formats and channels your audience cares about most
  • Custom CMS integrations for direct publishing