13,000+ Licensed Content Products

Access free and premium content from thousands of niche, regional and global sources, all in one advanced platform.

Free Content, Ready to Publish

Engage your audience with high-quality free images, articles, videos and audio content, all accessible in DISCO.

45+ Content Formats

DISCO offers users content across dozens of formats for use on any platform or channel.

Advanced Search Settings

Highly advanced search and filtering tools allow users to find the most relevant content in a few simple steps. Search by topic, use a free search, or enter a Boolean expression to get started.

Saved Searches

Use the Saved Searches feature to repeat relevant searches when the need arises, thus saving time and further streamlining the editorial process.

Multiple Usage Rights

License content quickly and effectively for any editorial or creative requirement with a broad range of usage rights available.

Content Alerts

Save a search as an alert and schedule email notifications to be sent to team members at selected intervals with details of newly added content, or continuously when new relevant content is added.

Custom Collections

Create custom content collections in order to consolidate the most relevant content items for potential licensing in one place, ready for editorial review and final selection later.

Monitor Content Trends

DISCO Pulse allows users to monitor trends from major platforms such as Google, YouTube, and Twitter, and see relevant content available for licensing related to trending topics.

Content Formats in DISCO

Text-based content for every publishing requirement, including:  

Analysis, Book, Blog, Comic, Country Report, Contract Awards, Directory (Live), eBook, eTheses, Feature Articles, Games & Puzzles, Interviews, Journal, Lists & Top Charts, Live Sports Scores, News & Newswires, Newsletter, Opinion & Columnist, Press Releases, Project Notices, Recipes, Report, Research, Review, Tenders, Weather Content

Incredible visuals for both creative and editorial use, including:  

360°, Editorial Cartoons, Games & Puzzles, GIFs, Graphics, Illustrations, Infographics, Photos & Images (Creative), Photos & Images (Editorial), Photos & Images (Film & TV Stills), Photos & Images (Historical Newspaper Photo Archive), Photos & Images (Picture Features), Slideshow Story (Editorial), UGC Images, Vectors

Stunning videos for broadcast, SVOD, social media, creative campaigns, and much more:  

360°, Animation (Movie), Animation (TV Show), Broadcast News & Content, Documentary (Feature), Documentary (Mini), Interviews, Movie (Feature), Short Film, TV Listings, TV Show, UGC Cinemagraphs, UGC Videos, Video (Cinemagraph), Video (Creative), Video (Drone Footage), Video (Editorial), Video (Footage & Raw Footage), Video (GoPro Action Footage), Video (Graphics), Video (Music Videos), Video (Social & Viral), Weather Content

A world-class collection of audio content, from chart-topping music to award-winning podcasts: 

Audio Bulletins, Interviews, Music (Stock), Music (Tracks), Podcast, Radio Show

Data content for publishers and broadcasters: 

Financial Data, Live Ticker Crawls, Sports Data, Sports Fixtures/Results/Standings, Weather Content

Content Buyers

News & Press


Both print and digital newspapers and magazines trust DISCO to provide them with news, feature articles, interviews and more in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Broadcast & SVOD






With a library of premium and award-winning films, documentaries, and TV Shows, DISCO Content Marketplace offers clients the region’s most entertaining content.

Agencies & Brands


DISCO Content Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for agencies to access licensed content for marketing and advertising campaigns.

App Developers & Telcos


A marketplace offering app developers and telcos entertainment, sports and other content solutions that are suitable for mobile and app consumption.

Discover the power of DISCO…

Content Owners

Amplify your content with DISCO

DISCO offers its users content across multiple formats from providers all over the world and in multiple languages. Publishers, broadcasters, production studios, freelance photographers, brands and any other content owners can distribute and sell their content via DISCO Content Marketplace. Every content provider is vetted for quality to ensure only the best content is made available in the platform.

Publishers and broadcasters can distribute and sell their content via DISCO simply and effectively. Our robust reporting dashboard ensures 24/7 access to data on distribution and revenue generated. Please get in touch to discuss licensing your content via DISCO.

Agencies and brands wishing to increase the reach of their content can do so via DISCO Content Pool, an ideal solution for distributing content produced as a part of wider digital and content marketing campaigns.

Freelance photographers, videographers, writers and creators can sell their content via DISCO Contributor, a self-service platform which allows providers to upload their content and generate revenue. We are always looking to increase our offering across all content formats, topics and languages.

Our Content Partners

Usage rights

DISCO Content Marketplace offers users the ability to license content with a wide range of usage rights to suit the needs of publishers, agencies, brands and broadcasters. .

API & CMS integrations

Get all the benefits of DISCO without having to leave your own platform with our seamless and streamlined Content API and CMS integrations.

custom curation

Our in-house team of expert content curators are available to assist users in selecting sources which best suit their editorial and creattive requirements.

blockchain technology

DISCO employs blockchain technology as a means of ensuring maximum security in our digital content ecosystem, and to protect our content creators.

buying models

DISCO users are able to license content using a buying model which best suits their budget and requirements. Available buying models include Pay-Per-Use, Monthly Subscriptions, Discounted Content Packages, and Bundled Content Packages.

Usage rights
API & CMS integrations
custom curation
blockchain technology
buying models

DISCO Content Pool

Content amplification with DISCO

DISCO Content Pool is a global B2B self-service content platform, accessed via DISCO Content Marketplace. It is designed for press, journalists, broadcasters and other partners to access and use free content, produced by brands or their agencies. We offer DISCO Content Pool users words, images, video and audio content – all free and with all rights cleared for editorial and news purposes.

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Typical DISCO Users

Typical Users Of The DISCO Platform, Plus Use Cases

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