DISCO is a secure and innovative content licensing and marketplace platform, where users can access all the licensed content they could possibly need, along with flexible licensing models – proven to save the user both time and money. 

We like to think that DISCO is the Amazon.com for licensed content – it marries technology with words, images, video, audio and data from hyperlocal, niche and worldwide leading publishing brands.

DISCO is powered by the SyndiGate content licensing machine – we offer users access to 6,500+ licensed content products and services, as well as an on-demand content licensing service.

With DISCO, we take a curated approach, whereby only relevant content services for the requirement get activated within each user account and not 6,500+ content products and services!

The platform can work in any market worldwide. It’s simply about curating, sourcing and activating the right content for each user’s needs. We support content, search and filtering in 15 languages. UI and UX platform translation is also possible to meet the needs of non-native English reading markets.

So who uses the DISCO platform and why?

There are a broad and diverse array of typical DISCO users and use-cases, some of which include:

A newsroom in need of real-time news alerts for the earliest tips on breaking events and pre-viral information, gaining an extra edge in reporting stories that are most relevant to their audiences;

an online newspaper in need of premium newswires; 

a print newspaper wishing to host and sell access (or subscriptions) to a complete and searchable digital archive;

an advertising/creative agency looking for a package of stunning images and visuals; 

a magazine publisher searching for a one-off celebrity interview, or a bookazine; 

a broadcaster in need of premium documentaries or syndicated radio shows to air; 

a non-media brand wishing to publish authoritative evergreen articles on its content marketing blog; 

a media monitoring organisation needing access to huge volumes of news sources, looking for brand and product mentions on paywalled content;

an academic research library offering its student readers access to deep historical archives, as well as content not otherwise freely available online;

a business data & insights company, needing access to a content platform and news feeds for internal news gathering purposes, or for compiling reports for end-customers;

a text and data mining (TDM) service looking to unlock hidden relationships, discover new insights and reliably predict and respond to long-range signals uncovered by text mining; or

a financial services application, wishing to harness the content, the power and full functionality of DISCO from right within their own CMS, app, website or platform, utilising our Content API.

SaaS Content Platform

Further, any business, organisation, or government in need of a robust and innovative content management, licensing and marketplace platform, licensed on SaaS model, that can either be non-branded, or white-labelled and fully customised (UI and UX).

The ‘licensed’ platform will allow the licensee to scale immediately by hosting and selling (if desired) its proprietary content; 2) content licensed directly to its organisation; and 3) content that is available for licensing via DISCO.

To Summarise

DISCO can be an essential and one-stop platform for newsrooms, publishers, broadcasters, agencies, brands, production companies, app developers, telcos and more, who are hungry for trustworthy, multilingual content, that generates audiences and drives revenue.

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