Pricing & Buying Models

Solutions For Every Business Requirement

The DISCO Content Marketplace platform is free to access. With multiple buying models available, users can license content from within the platform in a manner which best suits their budget, business model, or editorial strategy. 

Whether you are a newspaper looking to captivate your audience with regular stunning editorial images, an advertising agency looking for a package of engaging visuals, or a magazine searching for a one-off premium celebrity interview, we’ve got a buying model for you. 

Flexible Buying Models

We know that demand for content is diverse and nuanced. With this in mind, we have ensured that content buyers can acquire words, images, video, sound and data using any of our multiple buying models. 

A fixed fee for individual content items, or hours of programming.

For buyers with a less frequent publishing schedule, or those looking for irregular premium content pieces, DISCO’s Pay-Per-Use buying model is an ideal solution for licensing content in any format.

Prices per content item vary depending on content provider and rights required.

A fixed licensing fee, suited for high volume, regular use of a specific content service.

In cases where a DISCO user wishes to regularly license content from a specific content provider, a monthly license fee with a specified number of articles or videos available for re-use is a cost-effective solution. 

Users can subscribe to multiple content providers with set monthly fees and daily/monthly usage restrictions to best suit their licensed content needs. 

A set number of content items from a single content service, to be used at any time, for a discounted fee.

Users wishing to re-use content from specific providers without a monthly license fee can benefit from purchasing a Discounted Content Package.

Ideal for users who have tested content on a PPU basis and wish to license a larger volume in a more cost-effective manner. 

A fixed fee, suited for regular use of multiple content services.

DISCO’s affordable Bundled Content Packages allow users to license and re-use articles for a set monthly fee, from content providers who have agreed to participate in this model.

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DISCO provides editorial teams with access to an ever-expanding offering of free, premium content. Whether you are looking for licensed words, images, video, or music, we’ve got you covered.

A small selection of the free content topics include: News, Business, Culture, Education, Energy, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Politics, Science, Society, Sports, Technology and more.


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