Content Owners

License Your Content With DISCO

Content owners and rights-holders can distribute their content via DISCO Content Marketplace as a means of generating revenue or gaining exposure.

The DISCO platform enables publishers, broadcasters, agencies, brands and other corporate content buyers, to search for and acquire the rights to use or republish premium licensed content. 

Content owners can benefit from free distribution and marketing of their content, and have access to a robust reporting dashboard to track usage and sales.

The information on this page is relevant for corporate content owners. Freelancers looking to sell their content via DISCO should visit DISCO Contributor.

Free Worldwide Marketing

Our expert Content Sales & Licensing team actively markets content at absolutely no cost to owners and rights holders.

Robust Reporting

DISCO’s reporting dashboard gives content providers real-time data on distribution, content usage and revenue.

Complete Control

Content owners are in complete control of their prices on DISCO and the buying models they participate in.

DISCO Providers Include...

Publishers & Content Creators

Publishers and broadcasters generating large volumes of content can open an additional revenue stream by licensing their articles, images, videos, podcasts and more through DISCO Content Marketplace.  

DISCO’s expert Content Sales & Licensing team will actively market and sell your content all at no cost to you, the provider.

Content providers may include:

  • Newspaper/Magazine Publishers
  • Blogs & Online Publications
  • Broadcasters (Television & Radio)
  • Film/Documentary Producers

Rights Holders & Distributors

Content distributors and rights holders can further amplify their providers’ content through DISCO Content Marketplace.

As a truly global content market, DISCO is a one-stop shop for distributors and rights holders to find further revenue channels for the content they market. 

Content providers may include:

  • Film/Documentary/TV distributors
  • Global/Regional Rights Holders 
  • Commercial Image Libraries
  • Film/Documentary Producers

Agencies & Brands

Content marketing is entering an era of refinement, and a major element in the industry’s development is the drive towards more effective content distribution.

DISCO Content Marketplace is a streamlined and simple way for brands and agencies to distribute their content, completely for free. With DISCO Content Pool, publishers can access and re-use content produced by brand and agency content teams entirely for free.

Content providers may include:

  • Brands creating content
  • Agencies creating content for clients
  • Press Release distributors
  • Film/Documentary Producers

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