Amongst many other benefits, DISCO is your one-stop platform for all your licensed content needs. DISCO is the for licensed content.

DISCO offers users access to 6,500+ licensed content products (covering words, images, video, audio and data formats), any of which can be activated within a user’s account. 

However, it’s unlikely that a user would need access to thousands of publications, or other content products and services (unless the user has widespread media monitoring, or research requirements). 

So, how do you go about getting access to the right licensed content for your needs (within your DISCO user account)?

You may know exactly what content you need access to, including specific publications or content services. Or, you may need some assistance with source selections, which is where DISCO’s free content curation service comes into play. 

But first, let’s take a step back… 

DISCO user accounts can 1) either be created for individual users (or teams) by DISCO, whereby only relevant content services are activated from the get-go; or 2) instant access accounts can be created here by anyone (which takes less than 30 seconds), 

The instant access accounts come loaded with a curated collection of content services, some of which can be used for free, others that can be used on a pay-per-use basis (including premium publishing brands such as Bloomberg).

It’s not uncommon for some of the content services within these instant access accounts to be highly relevant for your needs. However, new users should view this collection as a ‘starter pack’ of sorts – more so to get familiar with the platform, along with its innovative features, tools and search technologies, designed to streamline editorial processes (where the use of licensed content is concerned).

DISCO’s dedicated Content Curation Team is always on-hand to recommend the right content services to be activated within a user’s account, whereby each content service can be accessed according to a buying or licensing model to suit the user’s needs and budget. 

Typically, within a couple of days after a new instant access account has been created by a user, the Content Curation Team will try to call the user, to schedule a time to go through the user’s content requirements in detail, with a view to tailoring their account accordingly. 

DISCO users can email [email protected] at any time with their content requirements, or requests a call-back.

During the content curation process with a new user, below are some of the typical questions that will be asked in order for DISCO to get a deep understanding of the user’s requirements.

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Current Subscriptions

Do you currently subscribe to any content services for news such as AFP, AP, Reuters, UPI etc.?

What about images? Do you regularly buy from Getty Images, Newscom, Shutterstock etc.?

What about features? Do you regularly buy from KING Features, nytLicensing, Tribune Content Agency etc.?

Content Services Of Interest

Are there any specific publications or content services you would like to have access to in DISCO?

Content Formats Of Interest

Identify any relevant content formats of interest from the lists below.


Analysis, Book, Bookazine, Blog, Comic, Country Report, Contract Awards, Directory (Live), eBook, eTheses, Feature Articles, Games & Puzzles, Interviews, Journal, Lists & Top Charts, Live Sports Scores, News & Newswires, Newsletter, Opinion & Columnist, Press Releases, Project Notices, Recipes, Report, Research, Review, Sports Fixtures/Results/Standings, Tenders, Weather Content


360°, Editorial Cartoons, Games & Puzzles, GIFs, Graphics, Illustrations, Infographics, Photos & Images (Creative), Photos & Images (Editorial), Photos & Images (Film & TV Stills), Photos & Images (Historical Newspaper Photo Archive), Photos & Images (Picture Features), Slideshow Story (Editorial), UGC Images, Vectors


360°, Animation (Movie), Animation (TV Show), Broadcast News & Content, Documentary (Feature), Documentary (Mini), Interviews, Movie (Feature), Short Film, TV Listings, TV Show, UGC Cinemagraphs, UGC Videos, Video (Cinemagraph), Video (Creative), Video (Drone Footage), Video (Editorial), Video (Footage & Raw Footage), Video (GoPro Action Footage), Video (Graphics), Video (Music Videos), Video (Social & Viral), Weather Content, Live Sports Scores


Audio Bulletins, Interviews, Music Tracks, Podcast, Radio Show


Financial Data, Economic Data, Live Ticker Crawls, Sports Data, Weather Content

Geographical focus

Please list any relevant cities, states, countries, or regions of interest:


Please list the content language(s) of interest:

B2B / B2C Focus

Please indicate the audience focus of the content you are seeking to re-use:


Please highlight any topics of interest from the lists below.

Adventure, Animals/wildlife, Arts, Beauty, Business & Finance, Cars & Motorbikes, Celebrities, Crime & Law, Culture, Disaster & Accident, Education, Entertainment & Showbiz, Environment, Fashion, Fitness, Food And Drink, Future, Health, Hobbies, Holidays, Human Interest, Interiors, Internet, Music, Nature, Outdoors, People, Politics, Recreation, Religion & Belief, Science, Social Issues, Sports, Technology, Travel, War & Conflict, Weather



Please highlight any industries of interest from the lists below.

Agriculture, Automotive, Basic Materials/Resources, Business/Consumer Services, Consumer Goods, Energy, Financial Services, Government, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Healthcare/Life Sciences, Industrial Goods, Leisure/Arts/Hospitality, Media/Entertainment, Real Estate/Construction, Retail/Wholesale, Technology, Telecommunication Services, Transportation/Logistics, Utilities

Audience Gender Focus

Please indicate the audience focus of the content you are seeking to re-use:

Audience Age Range Focus

Please indicate the audience focus of the content you are seeking to re-use:

Cadence / Frequency

Please detail how frequently you expect to use licensed content (daily/weekly/monthly):


Please detail how many licensed content items (articles, images, videos etc.) you would expect to use each day/week/month):

Buying / Licensing Models

Please indicate which of our various licensing or buying models would work best for your needs. And note that you can select a specific buying/licensing model for each individual content service activated in your DISCO account.

Free (limited content services)


Monthly Subscription

Discounted Content Package

Bundled Content Package

More information can be found here: Pricing & Buying Models

Usage Rights

Please highlight which of the below use-rights would be most applicable for your needs:

3-Month Use For Web & Mobile (Renewable)

Advertising (Advertorial, Print, Display, TV Commercials)

Email Marketing / Newsletter

Magazine (Print & Digital)

Mobile App / Mobile Use

Newspaper (Print & Digital)

Publication Front Cover

Radio Broadcast (inc. Digital)

Social Media Only

TV Broadcast (inc. Digital) / SVOD

Website – Corporate (Editorial Content Marketing Blog/Site)

Website – Editorial (Media)

Exclusive Rights

Please indicate if you have a requirement for exclusive content (e.g. magazine or newspaper features, interviews etc.) in your local territory. 

Editorial Guidelines

Do you have any editorial guidelines that can be shared?

Once we have answers to most of the above questions, the Content Curation Team will dive into our huge catalogue of licensed content and marry your requirements with the recommended content services for review. 

Further, as a DISCO user, you also have the option for a completely free deep-dive content analytics, content curation and business goals session with one of our experts. 

We help users to identify the topics, content services, formats and channels their audiences care about most. And we help users to attract a larger, more engaged following, by using this information to publish or use more of what works and less of what doesn’t. 

Simply email [email protected] at any time to get this set up.